is it acceptable to drink alone

March 7, 2013 - 20:51 19 notes REBLOG
#because i'm alone #and i have alcohol #and i don't have to get up early tomorrow #and i feel like drinking #robi's text post
  1. ktdktdkjd said: always
  2. hiddeninlight said: Yes. It’s shows bitches that you can party even by yourself. You don’t need NO MAN! work it!
  3. pretentiousponce said: Yes
  4. ohnishinoya said: dO IT AND POST NUDES
  5. sleeperbucky said: I’M DRINKING ALONE RIGHT NOW IT’S TOTALLY OKAY IT MEANS THAT YOU’RE A STRONG INDEPENDENT PERSON WHO DON’T NEED NO COMPANY TO GET DRUNK WITH but it also might mean that you’re sad and pathetic idk man it depends on the way you choose to look at it
  6. iwasbornhuman said: yup
  7. onlymystories said: It is always acceptable to drink alone. Otherwise you’d have to share.
  8. riidus said: YES! especially if drunk blogging is a thing that will also happen.
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